Celebrate! Music

Midori & Friends’ new program Celebrate! Music invites young learners to become global citizens in an active exploration of world music. By learning about the richness of cultural traditions, works of art, and musical customs around the globe—in class and through live performances—students cultivate a global perspective that nurtures empathy and understanding.

Celebrate! Music brings engaging world music ensembles and corresponding workshops into New York City public schools. Students experience both live artist performances and interactive workshops with teaching artists, deepening their understanding of a particular music tradition over the course of a celebratory four-session residency. This year, students will explore the musical traditions of Mexico, Jazz & Swing, String Quartet, and Concert Violin. Midori & Friends provides professional development for classroom teachers to help facilitate curriculum connections in the classroom and school community.

Core Components:
1 Celebratory Performance with 3 supporting workshops
Professional Development for Teachers

Workshop Flow:
Explore, Engage, Celebrate, Reflect


Celebrate! Music Ensembles

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For more information, contact Garrett Obrycki, Program Associate.