Explore the sounds of the Caribbean diaspora with La Manga! This all-women percussion and vocal group takes students on a journey through the music of Colombia, Puerto Rico, and Venezuela. These gifted educators and musicians guide students in an exploration of rhythm through body percussion and honor the black and indigenous histories behind their vibrant music.


La Manga is a cultural identity laboratory that is inspired by the spirit and ancestry of the

great Caribbean musical diaspora. Honoring Black and Indigenous oral traditions;

connecting with the power of tambores Afro-Colombianos and celebrating life through

storytelling and bailes cantaos. This brand new project is the work of a collective of

women artists composed of Daniela Serna; Mafer Bandola, Andrea Chavarro; Katherine

Ocampo and Lina Fernanda Silva. We enjoy creating and fostering a community of

women around these traditions using percussion as a portal to connect these universes.

La Manga, recently featured at The New York Times has performed at Joe ́s Pub, Moma

PS1, Museum of the City of New York, Museum at Eldrigde Street and the Bronx Music

Heritega Center.