Help Us Keep the Music Playing

According to the principal of P.S./I.S. 180, “Midori & Friends has truly been a vital part of the lives of the families at our school. For some children, music has become a passion and even a profession. For others, it has been a joy that will last forever.” Please join us in continuing this longstanding tradition of providing high quality music education to the students and families of New York City.

Help Us Keep the Music Playing

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Every Dollar Makes a difference


Midori & Friends creates public performance opportunities for all students to foster their increased self-confidence, social skills, and sense of accomplishment as they solidify their musical learning. Performances represent concrete goals for students to work toward and proudly achieve. Across the city, young instrumentalists and vocalists, take the stage, many for the first time, and share what they have learned with their entire community. At times, Midori & Friends utilizes teams of volunteers to assist with various aspects of concert event preparation and production at our midtown office and at performance locations.

Volunteers assist with such varied tasks as data entry, RSVP confirmations, preparing backstage signage, and assisting student groups to and from their buses when they arrive and depart from the concert venue. Please contact Jessica Yang, if you are interested in volunteer opportunities.