Dive in to Dominican music with celebrated guitarist, vocalist, and composer Yasser Tejeda. Combining traditional African-rooted Domincan folk music with jazz, rock and Caribbean rhythm, Yasser Tejeda & Palotré inspire students to dance, sing, and celebrate their roots.

Yasser Tejeda is an award winning Dominican composer, guitarist, vocalist, and producer. Alongside his group Palotré, Yasser is giving traditional folkloric music a new spin with jazz, rock and Caribbean rhythms in “a frenzied celebration of ancestral union” while Juan Luis Guerra, the most influential Dominican artist in the world, praised his mission calling it the “marvelous example of what’s happening with Dominican music.”

Tejeda has released two commercial albums, Kijombo (2019) and Mezclansa (2009), with his group Palotré.  He also recently released his first solo acoustic EP called “Interior.” When it comes to his music, the main focus has been to uplift and promote his Afro Dominican roots.