Our long-term, school-based sequential programs invite students to play instruments, sing, discover music traditions from cultures around the world, and express themselves creatively.

Each program is customized and tailor made in partnership with school leadership to meet their students artistic needs. All programs are led by the very best artists who are talented musicians and gifted educators. Every program is offered at no cost to our students and their families. M&F integrates New York State standards for music education, as well as the benchmarks and goals of the New York City Department of Education’s Blueprint for Teaching and Learning in the Arts.

Instrument Instruction

12 Notes Instrumental Instruction teaches students in PreK-12th Grade to play musical instruments or to sing, both during school and after school.

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Concerts and Workshops

The Signature Concert and Workshop Series expands the musical horizons of thousands of students each year–introducing them to different cultures and musical genres through live performances and classroom workshops.

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Coachings and Camps

To further our students’ education, M&F offers programs for advanced students, school-vacation camps, and summer scholarship opportunities to enhance and elevate their musical learning throughout the year.

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