Cumbia for Kids, the educational program of the more than fifteen-year old musical establishment Folklore Urbano NYC, showcases the rich musical and dance traditions of Colombia, led by musicians Pablo Mayor and Anna Povich de Mayor, with dancer and choreographer Daniel Fetecua (former lead dancer with Limon dance company, lead teaching artist Limon4Kids). Cumbia for Kids (and Cumbia for ALL) takes its audiences on a journey through a diverse country whose rhythms range from the soulful African “currulao” found in the jungles of the Pacific coast, to the frenetic “joropo” from the Eastern Plains region bordering Venezuela, to the charming “bambuco fiestero” found in the region where coffee grows high up in the Andes mountains. The group’s high energy show gets audiences clapping, singing along, and stomping their feet from start to finish, while celebrating cultural diversity and building environmental awareness. Cumbia for Kids/All share the joyful traditions of Colombia presented with the impeccable artistry of a world-renowned group of NYC artists including members of Pablo Mayor’s renowned Folklore Urbano Orchestra and Daniel Fetecua’s Pajarillo Pinta’o Dance Company.