2023-2024 Celebrate! Music Ensemble Roster

Midori & Friends’ Celebrate! Music ensembles represent sounds from all over the world, which gives us the opportunity to bring a wide range of music to the diverse populations we serve. Celebrate! Music inspires young learners to become global citizens through an immersive exploration of music from around the world. By delving into the richness of cultural traditions, artistic expressions, and musical customs from around the world, students gain a global perspective that fosters empathy and understanding. Our ensembles have the unique opportunity to deliver interactive assembly-style concerts in public schools, engaging students in a lively musical experience while teaching them fundamental concepts such as rhythm, tempo, genre, style and more! They are responsible for creating an engaging and educational atmosphere that sparks curiosity, creativity, and a love for music among students.  

Meet our roster of ensembles!  

People of Earth  

World Music  

A global music collective emerging as one of the US’s most exciting Latin and tropical bands, with a blend of music from Cuba, Puerto Rico, Brazil and beyond.  

Cumbia for Kids


Cumbia for Kids bridges traditional and contemporary sounds and crosses art forms through multi-disciplinary collaboration.  


Beatbox Duo  

Spiderhorse is an award winning beatbox duo that expands the capabilities of the human voice in an innovative way.   

Ukulele Orchestra of NYC  


The Ukulele Orchestra of NYC introduces students to a wide range of repertoire inspiring students to explore their creativity.  


Contemporary Strings  

Arkai fuses classical virtuosity with the electricity of a rock band and encourages students to defy genres and explore new musical possibilities.  

Lulada Club  


Students will explore the heritage of Cali, Colombia, the world capital of salsa, and its influence on Latin American and diaspora music and dance.   

Elena Moon Park  

East Asian  

Elena Moon Park encourages audiences to move, sing, and share their stories while learning games, songs, and dances from China, Korea, Japan, and Tibet.  

Project Trio  


This innovative ensemble performs genre defying chamber music and specializes in inspiring students of all ages to enjoy and create music.  

Yasser Tejeda  

Afro Dominican Jazz  

Yasser Tejeda combines traditional African rooted Dominican folk music with jazz, rock and Caribbean rhythm.  

Randall Goosby  


Violinist Randall Goosby is acclaimed for the sensitivity and intensity of his musicianship alongside his determination to make music more inclusive and accessible.  


Pop Acappella   

Students learn from top-tier musicians, experiencing award-winning arrangements, choreography, and beatboxing in captivating performances.  

In Three  


In Three is a woodwind trio which uses familiar tunes, new music featuring underrepresented composers, and traditional woodwind trio pieces in combination with student participation to explore and connect with students.  

Joe Deninzon  

Electric Violin   

Known as “The Jimi Hendrix of the Violin,” because of his innovative style on the “Viper” seven-string electric violin.  

Kaoru Watanabe  

Traditional Japanese  

Join Kaoru Watanabe on a journey through contemporary and traditional Japanese music, folk traditions, and instruments.   

La Manga 

Caribbean Diaspora 

This all-women percussion and vocal group takes students on a journey through the music of Colombia, Puerto Rico, and Venezuela. These gifted educators and musicians guide students in an exploration of rhythm through body percussion and honor the black and indigenous histories behind their vibrant music.  


Contemporary Percussion   

Talujon has committed itself to the growth of contemporary percussion music through diverse performance, commissioning, educational, and outreach activities.  


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