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About Midori & Friends:
Midori & Friends provides transformative music education programs to students in Grades PreK-12 in over 70 NYC schools and organizations who have little or no access to the arts. What began in 1992 as world-renowned violinist Midori’s singular vision to bring great music to NYC students has become a music education leader embraced by a community of thousands. Midori & Friends has reached over 300,000 young people in its history and has the impacted the story of each individual child. We support Midori & Friends as they help students make the music of today and build the futures of tomorrow.

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Post 1: Music is <insert word of choice>! Midori & Friends is building futures by providing accessible arts education to NYC students. Join me in the support for music education! #BuildingFutures #ArtsForAll @midoriandfriends

Post 2: Midori & Friends provides accessible music education programs to NYC students in over 70 public schools with little or no access to the arts. I support Midori & Friends as they help students make the music of today and build the futures of tomorrow.
#MidoriandFriends #BuildingFutures #KeepMusicEducationAlive @midoriandfriends

Post 3: Midori & Friends makes the music of today and builds the futures of tomorrow. Join me in the support of bringing accessible music education to students in NYC schools.
#MidoriandFriends #BuildingFutures #KeepMusicEducationAlive @midoriandfriends

Post 4: Studies show the vast benefits of music education improve learning and intelligence in our young people. Please support Midori & Friends and keep music education alive in New York City. Learn more at


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