Join Zeshan B in an exploration of Soul music, South Asian heritage, and solidarity. Zeshan uses his powerful voice to make connections between Indo-Pakistani music and the American struggle for civil rights while empowering students to be advocates for social justice.

Zeshan Bagewadi is in many ways, a classic soul singer. As Zeshan B, he channels the music of Sam Cooke, Marvin Gaye and Otis Redding. His signature, though, is combining that classic soul sound with lyrics that pay tribute to his South Asian roots. The son of Indian Muslim immigrants, he sings in both English and Urdu. Like Cooke, Gaye and Redding, Zeshan B also tackles the issues of the day through his music, sharing a message of power and solidarity between historically oppressed minority groups. That parallel history is something that he says he has always heard as a common thread between Indo-Pakistani music and soul.