Midori & Friends is delighted to be partnering with your school to bring music programs of the highest quality. Capturing students’ involvement in our programs is important to document the role of music education in developing learning, thinking, and social skills. Visual records that capture the excitement and intensity of students’ engagement helps inspire continued support of our programs. To this end, we request permission to video record and photograph classes and performances. Videos and photos will be reproduced primarily for educational and archival purposes, but may also be used in media and promotional materials. 

My signature below indicates that I hereby consent that any and all images and representations of the Student by any media, including photography, video recordings or other means (“Images”), whether in existence today or created hereafter, may be used by Midori & Friends (“Program”) for any purpose that the Program deems appropriate, including, but not limited to, educational and training purposes, commercial or non-commercial purposes, in reports, publications and educational materials or for publicity. I understand that the Images may include the Student’s name, likeness, image or voice, all of which may be altered or modified, and will be disseminated to the public and may be copied or otherwise reproduced. I hereby release the Program from any liability that may arise from using the Images in any manner described herein. I also release the Program from any liability that may arise from dissemination of such Images and the use of the Images by the public.