Midori & Friends Teaching Artist Guide – Spring 2022


Hello Teaching Artists,

Thank you so much for teaching with us this year.

Please review this guide to reference any process that needs clarification. If the answer you are looking for is not in the following guide, please reach out.

Table of Contents:

  1. Program Staff
  2. Materials and Snacks Order Form
  3. Rentals
  4.  Inventory 
  5. Subbing, Cancellations, and Make-Up
  6. Student Roster and Registration 
  7. Payment and ADP
  8. Connecteam 
  9. Fingerprints
  10. Professional Development
  11. Union
  12. Observations

1. Program Staff:

Larisa Gelman, Executive Director, lgelman@midoriandfriends.org

Garrett Obrycki, Program Associate, gobrycki@midoriandfriends.org
Please reach out to Garrett if you have any questions or concerns with school contracts, students, logistics. Garrett will also be able to answer most questions about payment.

Laurent Grant, Program Coordinator, lgrant@midoriandfriends.org
Please reach out to Laurent with questions or concerns regarding materials order, rentals, subbing, or any other daily logistics. 

Jacqueline Cannon, Director of Marketing and Communications, jcannon@midoriandfriends.org
Please reach out to Jacqueline regarding any Connecteam questions. You can also send any photos or videos of students to her. 


Click here to view Midori & Friends full staff with bios


2. Materials and Snacks:

Each school has a budget for materials including rosin, strings, method books, notebooks, etc. The schools should provide one stand for every two students. All material and snacks can be ordered through our Class Materials Form. Please be clear about quantity and school. If possible, please include a link. If you are ordering snacks, you simply need to check “yes” to the “Does your school need snacks?” question. 

3. Rentals:

If your school will be receiving rentals for their Play to Learn program, please register quantity and size on our Instrument Rental Registration Form, located here. We will order the instruments from Ardsley and get them to the school ASAP. The goal is always to have rentals to the class by the second session.

4. Inventory:

If your school has a class set of instruments, you may go in and perform an inventory on the instruments. Schools may not be aware of the condition of the instrument, so this is important for us to get the appropriate resources to the classroom. Please share with us your inventory notes and order any materials through the Class Materials Forms, listed above. Note: You are paid for inventory. You can add an hour to your first teaching day, or go in separately. Please invoice accordingly via Connecteam, see below. 


5. Substitutes, Cancellations, and Make-Up Days:

We understand that our Teaching Artists have busy lives performing and teaching across the city and beyond. To accommodate subs across the 60 schools, we have created a Substitute Registration form. Please register your sub and fill the form out carefully so we have all the data we need. Please confirm with the school that you will be having a sub and fill out the registration form completely.

Per the CBA with Local802, if a class is canceled within 48 hours, you will be paid for your time. If a class is canceled with more than 48 hours notice, you have the opportunity to work with the school to schedule a make-up. If this is the case, please register your Make-Up using the Make-Up Registration form


6. Student Rosters and Registration:

We are doing our best to collect the student roster for each school. This is often the trickiest part! If you have a roster from a school, please send it to Laurent Grant and Jacqueline Cannon. Each student needs to have a parent or guardian register the child online here, and we want to do our best to cross-reference this with the roster provided by the school. This is also necessary for us to build an attendance form in Connecteam. 

7. Payment & ADP:

At M&F, all timesheets are carried out via Connecteam (more info below) and our payment schedule, like most, has a one week delay such that: Week 1 and Week 2 are paid Friday of Week 3. Week 3 and Week Four are paid Friday of Week 5. The specific dates are below:

Timesheet Submitted  Payroll
1/10/2022 1/14/2022
1/24/2022 1/28/2022
2/7/2022 2/11/2022
2/21/2022 2/25/2022
3/7/2022 3/11/2022
3/21/2022 3/25/2022
4/4/2022 4/8/2022
4/18/2022 4/22/2022
5/2/2022 5/6/2022
5/16/2022 5/20/2022
5/30/2022 6/3/2022
6/13/2022 6/17/2022
6/27/2022 7/1/2022


The contract received through Docusign has your rate of pay. Your first paycheck most should include the TA orientation, which is a flat fee of $72. If you do not have Direct Deposit on Employee Navigator, your checks will be mailed to the address on file. 

Midori & Friends has provided you with the ADP® Employee Access® tool. You can now view your most recent pay information, get tax forms, and select pay options (such as direct deposit). Employee Access also includes LifeMart—for discounts on electronics, apparel, travel and more. This can only be set up once you have received your first paycheck. Please register here and download the app – QR Code for ADP Mobile Solutions below. 

If you need to invoice M&F for a reimbursement, please send the invoice directly to invoices@midoriandfriends.org. This is a change from the previously used bill.com. 

8. Connecteam:

As mentioned, Connecteam is our timesheet process. Please reach out to Jacqueline with questions and concerns. However, please reference the following before reaching out. Many questions are answered on the Connecteam How-To page – please review if you have any Connecteam questions.

A Note: PLEASE clock in and clock out at the appropriate times. This is most helpful for our staff to get you paid on time and with the correct amount. You are able to adjust dates and times through the app. Please do so if you miss a clock-in. 

9. Fingerprints:

At this point, most of you have been fingerprinted by the DOE. If you have not, please send Tom Cawley a note requesting a fingerprint nomination. The cost is $135, which will be reimbursed by M&F using invoices@midoriandfriends.org.

10. Professional Development Sessions:

Please watch out for any emails regarding Professional Development sessions. We will be holding two more sessions before the end of the year. Most likely one will be virtual and the second will be in person. 

11. Local802/AFM:

Our union representative, Marisa Friendman, can be reached at mfriedman@local802afm.org. You can join the union online at Local802. Below is the summarized information for new members:

  • You have 31 days to join the union after your first day of teaching 
  • There is a one-time initiation fee of $35
  • There is a one-time federation initiation fee of $65
  • Annual dues are $220 and may be paid quarterly (at $55)

12. Observations:

Our favorite part! We are planning to observe one or two programs a week for the rest of the semester.. We have been planning and growing the Play to Learn program and I am excited to see it in action across all the 60 schools! Our office is full of artists and educators and we would be happy to bounce off any ideas of curriculum, classroom management, and teaching style with you! If you would like someone to observe your classroom, please reach out.