Celebrating International Women’s History Month Playlist

Midori & Friends seeks to make music accessible for everyone in NYC and beyond. Facilitating playlist exchanges within our community serves as a gateway to exploring new artists and genres that might otherwise elude our individual playlists and algorithms. We’re excited to unveil the collaborative International Women’s History Month Playlist this month, embracing diversity and celebrating the richness of women’s contributions to music. This musical journey encompasses a wide spectrum, spanning from 1980s pop hits to 19th-century classical compositions, from early 2000s R&B rhythms to contemporary pieces from the world of musical theatre. It’s a testament to the diverse tastes and contributions of women-identifying members within the Midori & Friends community. Please enjoy this collection of 100 songs uplifting inspiring women through music history!

Insights from generous playlist contributors:

“As a songwriter, I love nothing more than a good lyric. My selections for this playlist are all incredible vocalists and songwriters with beautiful stories to tell. Cheers to elevating women’s voices this month and every month!”

– Leah Dowdy, Midori & Friends Young Professionals Board

“The artists we’ve included on this playlist inspire us by actively using their voices to share their own nuanced, diverse and uniquely individual experience of womanhood. These women celebrate and uplift other women, and fight for gender parity. These pursuits reflect VICE A Cappella’s artistic mission of fostering a creative space for a diverse group of women vocalists to exchange ideas and grow together. When listening to our contribution to this playlist (and to our music!), we hope people can get a glimpse into both our individual tastes and the ways in which we strive to be impactful as a collective.”

– VICE A Cappella, Midori & Friends Celebrate! Music Ensemble

“I deeply admire Alicia Keys not only for her commitment to her artistry but also her commitment to making and supporting music from her home city of New York. I also think she is a wonderful human, mother, and role model to many women. She is dedicated, and humble, and remains optimistic and resilient in modern times.”

– Nika Sourakov, Midori & Friends Development Manager


Special thanks to Midori & Friends staff and artists for contributing to this special playlist project. Follow us on Spotify to listen to all of the collaborative playlists we’ve made this year!