My Musical Journeys: Midori & Friends’ Early Childhood Program

Is your early childhood classroom in need of high quality and engaging music education?

My Musical Journeys with Midori, Mack & Cheese is Midori & Friends’ unique and engaging multimedia experience that introduces children to the magic of music in a fun and interactive way. Through the charm of animation and the expertise of Midori, the program aims to cultivate a lifelong love for music, foster creativity, and nurture a deeper understanding of musical concepts. My Musical Journeys is for students ages 3-5 years old.

The program package includes:
Free video lessons
Free curriculum guide
Professional development for teachers offered on sliding scale price

This unique educational opportunity for early childhood classrooms…

FOSTERS a love for music at a young age, sparking a lifelong interest in the arts. 

ENHANCES listening skills, creativity, and cognitive development. 

ENCOURAGES self-expression and boosts confidence through musical activities. 

DEVELOPS an appreciation for different musical styles and cultural diversity. 

Click the video below for a special sneak peek at My Musical Journeys!

Program Highlights: 

  • Introduction to Instruments: Children will be introduced to a variety of musical instruments, from the violin to the piano, ukulele, ‘ili’ili, flute, drums, and more. They will learn about each instrument’s unique sounds and characteristics, igniting their curiosity about the world of music. 
  • Exploration of Musical Concepts: Through interactive storytelling and captivating visuals, children will explore basic musical concepts such as rhythm, melody, tempo, and dynamics. These foundational elements form the building blocks of music and help lay the groundwork for future musical exploration. 
  • Engaging Activities: Midori & Friends Musical Journeys offers exciting activities that encourage active participation. From clapping to the rhythm, imitating musical sounds, and even moving to the beat, children will be fully immersed in the joy of making music. 
  • Songs and Sing-Alongs: Catchy original songs and sing-alongs will have children tapping their feet and singing along with glee. These musical moments provide a memorable and interactive way for children to experience the joy of music-making. 
  • Cultural Music Exploration: The program also introduces children to music from various cultures and traditions, promoting a diverse and inclusive understanding of the world’s musical heritage.  

Your classroom can embark on this delightful journey of discovery and imagination with Midori, Mack, and Cheese, and watch as your students blossom into budding music enthusiasts! For information about how to bring this program to your school, contact Larisa Gelman.