2023-2024 Teaching Artist Roster

The new school year kicked off last week in New York City! Midori & Friends Director of Education, Jen Dayton, has been working with the programs team to finalize this year’s Teaching Artist Roster. Our Teaching Artists provide positive, engaging, multi-faceted, high-quality musical experiences that nurture the development of students’ musical and collaborative skills and creative abilities. These talented artists and passionate educators seek to enrich and inspire students through music. We cannot wait to pair all 60 artists with their schools and begin our programming this Fall.  

Meet our Teaching Artists!

Aidan Arbona  Vocal, Piano, Songwriting 
Alex Appel  Percussion, music tech 
Amaranta Viera  Vocal 
Arthur (Artie) Dibble  Violin 
Audrey Flores  Brass- French Horn 
Ayodele Maakheru  Guitar, ukelele 
Caitlin Caruso Dobbs  Vocal 
Caitlin Cawley  Percussion, Music & Storytelling 
Charisa Rouse  Violin 
Christine Duncan  Vocal 
Christopher Coffey  Percussion, rock band, guitar, music tech 
Clemens Grassmann  Percussion 
David Valbuena-Gillette   Woodwinds, music tech 
Diana DiMarzio  Vocal, Musical Theatre 
Eliza Garth  Piano, accompanist 
Eric Eaton  Cello, CM Specialist 
Ethan Mann  Guitar 
Eun-Moo Heo  Violin 
Guido Gonzalez  Brass- Trumpet 
Guillaume Muller  Guitar 
Jacqueline Traish  Ukulele, woodwind, music and storytelling 
Jake Sayraf  Ukulele 
James Wengrow  Guitar 
Jennifer Vincent  Cello/bass 
Jeremy Danneman  Woodwinds 
Joanne Vance  Guitar 
Joe Wittman  Guitar  
John Ostrowski  Percussion 
Joy Tamayo  Vocal 
Ju Jin-Bornet  Violin 
Kerrick Sasaki  Violin 
Laura Bright  Vocal 
Liz Chidester  Vocal, ukelele 
Lynne Wilson  Vocal 
Mark Sophia  Oboe, flute, clarinet 
Matthew Panayides  Guitar 
Matthew Youngblood  Songwriting, Vocal 
Megan Atchley  Violin 
Mia Nardi Huffman  Violin 
Micah Burgess  Guitar 
Michael Mustafa Ulmer  Percussion 
Michele Lie  Violin 
Monica Krausz  Violin 
Nathaniel Chase  Bass 
Nick Russo  Guitar 
Nicole Schroeder Raimato  Saxophone 
O’Shay Legare  Piano 
Peter Argondizza  Guitar 
Ron Jackson  Guitar, can teach after January  
Sana Nagano  Violin 
Saul Nache  Vocal 
Sean Lyons  Saxophone 
Shafiq Hicks  Vocal 
Skyla Budd  Harp 
Sten Hoesfaelt  Guitar 
Steven Vaughan  Vocal, Musical Theatre 
Susan Dominguez  Violin 
Yurina Shin  Piano, accompanist 
YuYu Ikeda  Violin 


 Are you interested in working with us? Apply to be a Midori & Friends Teaching Artist today! Click here for more info.