Midori & Friends Young Professionals Board

Calling all 25–35-year-olds with a passion for music! Are you ready to add a rhythm of purpose to your life? Join the Midori & Friends Young Professionals Board, where music, happy hours, and networking collide to build a brighter future for NYC students!

Midori & Friends harnesses the power of music to amplify voices, inspire growth, and nurture agency throughout New York City communities. Our transformative, tuition-free music programs cultivate the joy of learning, a spirit of service, and courageous self-expression, which foster a sense of purpose and illuminate pathways to a brighter future.

Join the Movement – As a Young Professionals Board member, you’ll be at the forefront of Midori & Friends’ mission. Spread the word about our cause, join us at outreach events, and connect with the community to advocate for the power of music education.

Raise the Roof (and Funds) – Help us organize events, campaigns, and initiatives to support our dynamic music education programs. Tap into your networks, reach out to sponsors, and rock fundraising goals!

Jamming with Purpose – Unleash your creative side and help us shape music education programs that inspire confidence in young people. Collaborate with our team to come up with fresh ideas, workshops, and activities that will set the stage for amazing learning experiences.

Behind the Scenes Rockstars – Step into the spotlight of board governance and strategy. Meet one-on-one with Board members, lend your perspective, and connect with leaders in various industries.

Let’s Celebrate: Season of Lights – Benefit for a Brighter Future Mark your calendars! On November 30, 2023, we’re hosting an unforgettable holiday event called Season of Lights. Join us for music, joy, and an opportunity to brighten young lives. Save the date, and let’s rock this festive season!

Commitment – We know life is bustling, so we’re keeping it flexible. Dedicate just 4 hours per month to make a difference with us. Annual give/get starts at $500.

Be Heard and Nominate! – We want your voice to join our harmony for change. Send all your ideas, recommendations, and suggestions to Larisa Gelman, at Self-nominations are welcome! Together, we’ll fine-tune our programs for a more harmonious future.