NEXTGen Musician Self Portraits & I Am Statements

NEXTGen Teen Musician students met with multi-media artist and award winning jazz singer and composer, Melanie Scholtz, to discover how visual art can be used as a creative tool to demonstrate creative expression. Students designed self portraits and I am statements that identified who they are, their message, and their passions. Throughout the workshop students explored the ways in which they can use digital art and social media to share their personal and artistic stories.

The workshop invited students to celebrate and embrace who they are by creating a self portrait that introduces others to them and makes those who know them take a closer look.
-Melanie Scholtz, NEXTGen Teaching Artist


I like soccer and my different types of friends
I’m in control of my mood
I’m learning to control my energy direction
What does everybody what from me
What do I want from me
I become nothing without discipline in the things I love
Fall in love with the process and not the goal
some criticism is the tragic result to unmet needs


I am…
A girl who really wants to do everything she can to make a difference, whether it’s through music advocacy, spreading harp awareness, teaching elementary schoolers about chemistry, or leading my track team to various championships. Not only am I a student, a musician, a runner, a pole vaulter, a daughter, but I am a dreamer, a leader, and an emblem of the future. While I am all of these and more, I want to be someone who can both move forward through life and take time to appreciate the beauty and vibrance of the present.


I am American, Japanese, and Brazilian.
I am an artist.
I am a musician.
I am an inventor.
I am a problem solver.
I am currently overwhelmed, but optimistic of the future.
I am excited to go to bed and start over tomorrow.


Dear Lysmary,

So caring, patient, and lovely, you always try and put smiles on faces. You have grown so much over the years and became more social. You find peace in music, singing, places, and your favorite hobbies. You find new people every day and learn different experiences from some. You’ve learned to accept things you can’t control and move on in life. You’ve learned from experiences and grew from them. Find peace and continue trusting yourself. Keep moving forward. Thank you for being you.

XOXO, Lysmary E.


I am from nature from Costa Rica and DR
I am from music and art from curiosity and observations.
I am from the trial and error
I am from the perseverance
I am from daydreams and laughter
I am from the simple things in life that make things a bit better.