Midori’s career “started with a fleeting moment. It’s evolved into a lasting legacy.” (Washington Post)

Micheal Brodeur, a classical music critic at The Washington Post, interviews Midori about her lasting legacy, magnificent career, and 2021 Kennedy Center Lifetime Achievement Award. The article reviews Midori’s extraordinary accomplishments as a violinist by highlighting some of her key performances, mentors, and innovative ideas that helped identify her as an internationally celebrated musician and educator.

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Brodeur writes that Midori’s “prodigious musical talent was merely the first movement in a career that has extended into music education, community outreach and arts advocacy.”

Midori & Friends was founded in 1992 as Midori’s singular vision to bring enriching music education to NYC students. Midori states, “It has always been our mission, our goal, to have a variety and diversity of music. I wanted systemic change; I wanted the ability to mobilize different genres and musicians.” Since founding the organization at 21 years old, Midori’s mission of providing accessible, high-quality music education has impacted over 300,000 students in the NYC area.

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