2017-2018 Highlights

17,000 Students at 72 Schools

For 26 years and counting, Midori & Friends has inspired over 250,000 youth by instilling core life values and empowering them through music education. This season, we are proud to serve over 17,000 students at 72 schools and community centers throughout NYC. Our new partnership schools from this year included PS/IS 206K, Learning through Play Pre-K Centers, PS 52K, PS 127K, PS 190K, PS 207K, PS 9M, Victory Collegiate, School in the Square, MS 514M, PS 101Q, PS 71Q, PS 66Q, and IS 93Q.

In 2016, M&F launched MusicINC (Music Instruction through Neighborhood Collaboration), which is designed to ensure and offer long-term sequential musical learning for our students in elementary schools as they transfer to secondary schools within New York City. Our students are now able to maximize their artistic, academic and emotional development by continuing their music instruction with M&F over the course of their entire public school education. By judiciously increasing our reach, we seek to methodically extend our school partnerships into middle and high schools void of music programs to support our current students, as well as connect to additional students who express a desire to learn how to play an instrument. Since the inception of MusicINC, we have already been able to reach 31 individual schools and have created 20 MusicINC trajectory clusters, where elementary school students are able to continue their instrumental instruction as they move forward to middle and high school. In the coming years, we are looking forward to increasing the number of our MusicINC trajectory clusters, so more students are able to benefit from high quality music education throughout their public school years.

In addition to the growth of the number of M&F school partnerships, we also added 16 new talented Teaching Artists and 3 Signature Series Ensembles, including Calliope Brass, Skye Steele, and Flamenco Vivo to our roster.