The Signature Series

The Signature Series showcase the music of different cultures and diverse genres like classical, jazz, blues, gospel, or global music. Performed by world-class ensembles, the program cultivates music appreciation, knowledge, and access for Pre-K through 12th graders.

  • Introduces youth to professional musicians in workshops and live concerts on site
  • Exposes students to new and different music genres, styles, cultures, and traditions
  • Creates shared learning experiences for an entire community
  • Integrates arts and culture content with academic curricula
  • Ignites lifelong music appreciation

Signature Concert Series

Students’ appreciation of music comes alive as they attend the exceptional performances in our Signature Series. Developed with kids listening experience in mind, the concert programs present memorable repertoire in an age-appropriate and highly interactive format, performed by masterful artists on the M&F roster. Over the course of the series, students are exposed to a wide variety of music styles, instruments, and playing techniques, and are introduced to the special musical “signatures” of legendary composers.

Signature Workshop & Performance Series

After the concert presentation, many schools bring the artists and musicians off the stage and into the classroom. Gathering over the course of the program, students learn more about instruments, the music’s cultural context, repertoire, and playing techniques and enjoy the rare opportunity of working closely with these role models of artistic excellence. At a culminating concert, students experience the special thrill of performing alongside the professional artists, to present what they have learned for a family and school community audience.