NEXTGen Teen Musicians: 2022 Cohort

Ariana R., Vocals/Percussion

Sophomore, Edward R. Murrow High School

My music, specifically rock, makes me feel connected to my family who’ve introduced me to the music I know now. The mixed genres of music that I play represents the diversity in the music I listen to.

Damain V., Piano
Freshman, James Madison High SchoolDamian is a well-rounded individual who knows how to swim, ski, play tennis, participated in, and won Judo tournaments, boxes, loves to learn new languages. Damian has participated in many piano concerts and competitions, which include Steinway Hall, Brooklyn Conservatory, Baruch College, and many others.
Jane R., Violin
Sophomore, Hunter College High SchoolJane Robinson started playing the violin at the age of 4. She particularly enjoys playing chamber music and has performed at the Rose Studio of Lincoln Center with her school chamber music group.
Karoline T., Piano/Vocals
Freshman, TAPCoAs I continue to grow into a young woman, simultaneously, my passion for singing grows deeper. Singing is one’s way of expressing themselves through the coordination and organization of various notes, usually accompanied by music! Singing is a spectrum of creativity, it encourages the authentic demonstration of emotion through vocal ability, and it has always been a fascination of mine.
Nathaniel M., Violin
Junior, Celia Cruz High SchoolI am going into music because music is something that’s helped me in my life when I was down, when I was rotting, when I was in need of help. It has been a light in my life and I feel that music is its own thing but has created a whole personality built to make, listen, sing, and be with music so I can spread it to the world and allow others to see what music really is
Penelope S., Classical/Flamenco Guitar
Junior, Brooklyn Technical High SchoolMusic, to me, consists of more than notes on a page or the sound that comes out of an instrument: it is also a vibrant community of passionate artists and attentive listeners. When it comes to music, my goal is spreading this community to as many people as I can, whether it be for the musicians I teach, or the audiences I play for.
Reyna C., Cello/Guitar
Freshman, Celia Cruz High SchoolI enjoy Music, and want to one day start a career with music. I want to do this because I feel like I could connect to music more than drawing and other things. It’s a common form of expression I like to use and I would like to create music for others.
Sophie K., Violin
Junior, Celia Cruz High SchoolI’ve been playing violin for more than ten years. Fascinated by music, I enjoy exploring it through different experiences: challenging myself by learning new beats, practicing for auditions, learning the history behind the music, playing in orchestras, going to live concerts, participating in string summer camps, and performing on different occasions.
Wilton, Violin
Junior, Celia Cruz High SchoolThrough this program I hope to accomplish what I have not been able to throughout the 2 years of me having known of the violin. I hope to be able to play in a quartet or maybe even some duets. I hope to just overall have fun in this wonderful field and learn lots of things which could help me become the best violinist I can possibly be.